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For this world is not our home; we are looking forward to our city in heaven, which is yet to come. Hebrews 13:14



Willian F. "Bill" Kleisath

Bill Kleisath has written his memoirs.
Two Swords Publishing assisted Bill in publishing "The Sky, the Sea and Me."

It is available from Amazon, if you are interested!


Front Cover of Bill's Book, 'The Sky, The Sea and Me'





Belinda Ballenger

Belinda Ballenger is the author of "Liberty the Gift of God."
Two Swords Publishing assisted Belinda in publishing her book.

“Liberty, the Gift of God” reads like a symphony in words, a vivid tribute to Christ His Story. In word pictures re-telling
the greatest story ever told, Belinda Ballenger brings that timeless Story to its culmination in our age, in our lives, and in our own
individual consciences. Would that this story resounds in homes, classrooms, churches, and, most certainly, in hearts in our nation today.

Carole G. Adams, President, American Foundation for American Christian Education.

It is available from Amazon in paperback , if you are interested!


Front Cover of Belinda's Book, 'Liberty the Gift of God'


Visit The Historic Liberty Lantern to learn more about Belinda and Biblical and American History!




Scott Myers

Scott Myers is the author of “ShockWave.”
Two Swords Publishing assisted Scott in publishing his book.

Chad knew his secret was out.

Everything had changed in one unforeseen moment.
Now what? Only time and God would tell.

Who Chad was, quickly unravels.
Who he could become has so many questions.

Sadly, his wife has her own tsunami to deal with.
Will there be a way through the debris left behind?

Addictions, of any kind, leave destruction in their wake.

Thankfully, after every storm there comes a calm.

ShockWave; A Novel Full of Truth


Front Cover of Scott's Book, 'ShockWave'

“Scott’s Book, ‘ShockWave’”

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Leah Leaman

Leah Leaman is the author of “God's Angels.”
Two Swords Publishing assisted Leah in publishing here book.

My hope and prayer in writing this book is to help demystify angels. 

Some wonder and question the origin of angels! Who designed and formed them into being?
Why do they exist? Do they even exist at all?

I will share scriptures from the Bible to help bring a greater revelation regarding the Angelic Realm,
and we will explore multiple Biblical passages to help you comprehend the existence of these Heavenly Spirit Beings.

This book is meant to be informative to all who read it, and hopefully inspiring as you learn from scripture that
God's holy angels are divine heavenly helpers that are assigned and commissioned by God to aid and assist us.

The Bible says in Psalm 91:11 (AMPC)"For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways."

God's Angels

Front Cover of Leah's Book, 'God&rsquos Angels'

“Leah’s Book, ‘God's Angels’”

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